Five Websites Worthy of Your Bookmarks Toolbar

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By: Katy Byrom, GA

Graduate Study Online. For those looking to forge ahead toward a doctorate, this online database provides detailed comparisons across all APA accredited doctoral programs in clinical, counseling, and school psychology. In addition to basic application requirements and program costs, students can find in-depth information on each program’s admission criteria (average GRE scores, GPA, etc.), acceptance rates, areas of research and clinical interests, funding opportunities, as well as how far the program leans toward research or practice on a 7 point scale (with 3 signaling an equal emphasis). $19.95 will give your 3 months of access.

+gradPSYCH blog. Hosted by the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS), this approachable blog offers lots of food for thought for psych students at every level of education. Topics range from self-care to how to “Deal with an Advisor who is like Voldemort.” For those who wish to try their hand as a word slinger, relevant guest submissions relevant (e.g. those that are topically related to psychology and/or grad school) are welcome!

Social Psychology Network. This page compiles links from across various psychological organizations offering resources and discounted membership to psychology students. It’s a great starting place to search for upcoming conferences, scholarships, and networking opportunities.

Research at Pepperdine University. This page lists the many ways for students to get involved in research across Pepperdine. Research opportunities are listed by college to help students narrow their search. Check out the many potential placements listed under GSEP!

MFT Practicum Preparation. This site hosts the knowledge and materials you need to prepare for practicum and land your placement at a qualified site. It also provides links to other sites offering professional development resources for MA Psychology students.


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