Introducing MAPS: A support group for Pepperdine students navigating their way through an MA in Psychology

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By Katy Byrom & Robert Byrom, GAs

A new student organization has formed on Pepperdine’s Irvine Campus! MAPS is a collaborative peer-mentoring group created to support Pepperdine MA students in psychology as they complete their programs and prepare for what comes next. While some of our meetings will be geared specifically toward those students who are interested in pursuing a PhD or PsyD after graduation, we aim to be a resource and social network for students across the MAP and MFT routes and fully encourage students from both tracks to get involved.


Some topics of interest that MAPS intends to tackle include:

  • Accruing clinical competencies

  • Developing research skills and experience

  • Networking and participating in academic conferences

  • Preparing for PsyD/PhD applications and interviews

  • Building a vibrant, supportive community of graduate psychology students across Irvine and other GSEP campuses

  • Trying to determine what the MAPS acronym stands for (Our member Josh is wagering that it stands for Masters of Awesome in Psychological Services)

Whether you accurately guess the meaning of the acronym or not, you are very much invited to join us!

How to Get Your MAPS On:

Come to Meetings: The MAPS cohort meets on the last Thursday of each month at 3:00pm in room 333 at the Irvine Graduate Campus (IGC).

Contact the Organizers: The group was organized by Katy Byrom ( and Victoria Nelson (, and is sponsored by GSEP faculty member Kathleen Wenger. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

Attend Social Stuff: Below is the link to the newly formed MAPS Pepperdine Meetup, where members (unabashedly referred to as Peppy Scholars) can go to generate invitations and post RSVPs to study groups, rideshares to other campuses, upcoming trainings or conferences, group volunteer opportunities, social events, research teams, happy hours, dinner soirees, and other essential grad student activities.

We thank you for staying with us to the bottom of this announcement and look forward to plotting our course through the MA in psychology program together! Join us for our next meeting, Thursday, March 27th, @3pm in IGC Room 333.


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