Separating Fact and Fiction in the Nutritional Treatment of Eating Disorders

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Check out this great upcoming event!

“Separating fact from fiction in the nutritional treatment of ED”
Presented by Sherry Fixelle, RD

We will be looking at the beliefs we hold as clinicians about food and eating and where these beliefs originate to try to better understand how our patients develop their ideas about food and body image. We will look at how tightly our patients hold onto their beliefs when in their eating disorders. And in spite of developing a relationship with our clients they will go to great lengths to keep their diseases. We will discuss honesty and trust and the lack there of. And look at the popular ways our client try to manipulate an entire team and family into keeping their disorders. And how to combat these maneuvers without destroying rapport.


Participants will be better able to:

-Request appropriate documents and tests from/for clients who present with allergies, sensitivities, or diseases that limit food choices
-Describe the physiology of Celiac disease and its prevalence rates
-Treat ED clients who claim to have Celiac and do not have the illness
-Treat ED clients who have been told they have Celiac and don’t have it
-Treat ED clients that do have Celiac Disease.
-Will be better able to educate families and the other healthcare providers on the team the importance of including as much variety as possible into a healing clients meal plan. Especially if there is no medical reason not to include it.


Sherry Fixelle RD
Sherry has been in practice for 20 years treating eating disorders. She graduated Hunter College in NYC and began working at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital’s Psychiatric Institute and then the Cardiac Care Unit where she and Dr.Oz founded the Complementary Care Center at Columbia Presbyterian. She has been featured on television with appearances on The Montel Williams Show, Prime Time Live and Freedom Speaks, and in multiple articles in publications like Vogue, The Village Voice and ReNew Magazines. She currently has a private practice in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, California and consults at Ocean Recovery; a transitional living program for substance abuse and eating disorder recovery.

When: Friday, March 14, 9-11 am

Where: National University, 3390 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa

Click here for registration


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