2015 CPA Convention – Poster Proposal Deadline

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2015 CPA Convention
April 23- April 26, 2015
Paradise Point Resort & Spa
San Diego, CA

Proposal Deadline: November 24, 2014

Click here to submit your poster presentation online.

Things we are particular about:

  • You must be a doctoral student in psychology or hold a doctorate in psychology to submit a proposal.
  • All poster presenters are required to register for the convention at either the student or presenter rate. Students may volunteer in order to be reimbursed for their registration fee.
  • All presenters listed on the poster proposal are expected to be present when the poster is presented. If you do not plan to attend the poster presentation please do not include your name on the proposal (this includes faculty).

What is a poster?
A poster is an excellent way to summarize your research or single case studies, or to present a conceptual model or innovative interventions in therapy. It is expected that posters will represent work, research, or projects that have been fully completed before presentation at the convention.  Literature reviews and planned research are not appropriate for posters.

Guidelines for Poster Proposals:

  1. All proposals must be submitted online.
  2. All presentation submissions MUST be received by midnight, November 24, 2014. This is a firm deadline.
  3. Proposals from members of CPA will receive preference. Click here to join CPA.
  4. No presenter may submit more than two poster proposals.
  5. A poster consists of key information (brief paragraphs, bulleted outlines, diagrams, tables, graphs) presented together. The CPA convention uses 24” x 36” black foam core board set on easels rather than on a bulletin board. The poster needs to fit on this board. Kinkos, or other similar businesses, can usually print posters (from a PowerPoint file) for a reasonable cost. Poster can be in color or black and white.
  6. There must be a primary presenter for each poster proposal. This individual will be the person who will be the main contact for CPA. It will be that person’s responsibility to notify the co-presenters of status and details.
  7. Those poster presentations selected will be assigned a time either on Friday or Saturday of the convention. Each day there will be a designated time when presenters are expected to be available to discuss their posters.
  8. All those proposing a poster will be notified of the Committee’s decision in January.

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