Fall 2014 Psychology Blog and Article Rundown

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Some interesting articles and blog posts from the past couple of months! ~ Andrew Walker, M.A.

How “Foodies” Were Duped Into Thinking McDonald’s Was High-End Food – “Research has found that when you tell people that what they are eating or drinking is a high-end product, they won’t just say that it tastes better than a cheaper product — their brains will actually experience it as better.” (NPR)

Super-Intelligent Humans are Coming – “The genetic study of cognitive ability suggests that there exist today variations in human DNA which, if combined in an ideal fashion, could lead to individuals with intelligence that is qualitatively higher than has ever existed on Earth.” (Nautilus)

Is Gluten Causing Your Depression? – “In celiac patients, depression and anxiety symptoms have been linked to gluten consumption. But what about in non-celiac patients? Could gluten be causing anxiety and depression in folks without celiac disease?” (Evolutionary Psychiatry)

Can Video Games Fend Off Mental Decline? – “Gazzaley, however, is something of an outlier. His work commands respect from even the harshest critics. He spent five years designing and testing the sort of game play I had just experienced, and he found that it does indeed appear to prompt older brains to perform like ones decades younger.” (New York Times Magazine)

Here Are the Psychological Reasons Why an American Might Join ISIS – “McCain grew up in Minnesota, was a basketball player, and wanted to be a rapper. Friends describe him as a high school “goofball” and “a really nice guy.” So what could have made him want to join the ranks of other Americans drawn towards militant Islam?” (Mother Jones)


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