Quiz Your Mind!

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MACLP Students, Test Your Knowledge on MFT and BBS Requirements!

1. If my supervisor’s license lapses, I will not be credited for
hours received during the period of the lapse. (True or False?)

2. I may apply for my intern registration number from the BBS
before I graduate as long as I have completed all practicum
requirements. (True or False?)

3. If I do not complete my requirement for practicum hours by
the end of the semester, I can make up the hours during the
break and in the following semester. (True or False?)

4. Once I receive my degree from Pepperdine, I will have com-
pleted all of the educational requirements toward MFT licen-
sure. (True or False?)

5. Time spent in the classroom for Practicum class (662) may
be counted on my weekly log (True or False?)

Scroll down for the answers when you’re ready!

1. True
2. False
3. True
4. False
5. False

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