Laura’s House Domestic Violence Advocate Training: Resource Review

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Laura’s House carries out 40 hour domestic violence advocate trainings, spread out over five days on Fridays and Saturdays, three times per year. The 2014 trainings took place in March, June, and October, and the 2015 training schedule will be announced soon. Check out the Laura’s House website for more information on the trainings. Here’s a quick note from one of our students on her experience with the training!

by Amanda Demler

I am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge I gained from this training. This process exposed me to not only the different types of domestic violence, but how I can apply this information towards my career as a therapist. My perception of abuse has drastically changed after the training. I truly enjoyed the diverse group of speakers who gave their time to provide their perspective on the subject, including female sheriff deputies, a college professor, and advocates who devote their lives to spreading awareness. I am grateful towards Marissa for leading this training for 10 years as well as the courageous women who shared their survivor stories. This was more than a training, it was a life-altering experience I will carry with me.


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