West LA Graduate Campus — M.A. Psychology Fall 2014 Recap

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The West LA Clinical Connections series this fall included three very passionate women who spoke on three varying and captivating topics. Lesli Johnson, MA, LMFT, started off the fall series in October with her presentation on “Making Sense of Adoption: New Directions for Understanding Adoption in the Clinical Setting.” Her workshop was interactive and included personal stories from Lesli herself, and many of the attendees. The informative workshop was also heartfelt and unique in that many shared of their adoption stories. The audience was very pleased with this format and the warmth and candidness of the presenter. Attendees walked away more confident in their approach with working with adopted clients, as well as families who have chosen to adopt.

Later in October, our wonderful Clinical Training Coordinator at Encino, Alice Richardson, MA, LMFT, LPCC, joined West LA students and alums for a casual, yet highly informative Coffee Talk, “Benefits of Pursuing the LPCC.” Alice put many myths of the LPCC to rest and informed attendees of the benefits of obtaining the license. Students were so grateful for Alice’s willingness to share her experience and knowledge about the LPCC.

In November, Diann Wingert, LCSW, BCD, presented on an “Introduction to Energy Psychology/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).” During this neat workshop, Diann taught a few practical and basic techniques that clinicians can use with their clients. She had a beautiful PowerPoint depicting the history and usefulness of Energy Psychology. Diann emphasized the importance of being open to incorporating different techniques alongside psychotherapy, as talk therapy may not always be enough for a client. Attendees had an educational and enjoyable time practicing the techniques on themselves and feeling the impact of EFT. People left excited to try their newly learned techniques on clients who would possibly benefit.

Also in November, students made a visit to alumna Jenny Bowen, MA, LMFT’s private practice in Los Angeles. Jenny’s warm personality and openness about private practice allowed students to ask many important questions involving getting started with private practice. Attendees left feeling motivated and considering the option of one day pursuing their own private practice.

Last, but certainly not least, Pepperdine alumna Bobbi Jankovich, MA, LMFT, gave a stellar presentation on the sometimes taboo topic of sex addiction. However, her presentation had a special twist; Bobbi focused on the treatment of partners of sex addicts in this highly informational Clinical Connections entitled, “Partners of Sex Addicts: Treating the Invisible Client.” Attendees raved about Bobbi’s ability to convey this pertinent information. Her highly organized and easy to follow PowerPoint had relevant and very interesting information. The presentation went over “relational trauma” and how sex addiction can be understood from that lens. Attendees walked away from the presentation wishing it was longer!

We continue to hold four clinical training information meetings per semester at each campus: the New MACLP Student Meeting, the Preparing for Practicum Meeting, the Practicum Site Information Meeting, and the Intern Registration Meeting. Through these meetings, our Clinical Training Coordinators guide students through every step of the practicum process.

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