Five Psychology Professional Development Websites Worth Bookmarking

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Student Doctor Network. While much of this site is focused on Medical School, you can skip straight to the psychology forums. There you will find a wealth of information from other students and applicants about their experiences finding practicum sites, applying to doctoral programs, taking the GRE, the APPIC internship process, and much much more. Anything in this epic process that you’re interested in learning more about (or has you stressed out!) has probably been posted about by someone who is going through what you’re going through so take a look and see what others are saying! and

The Therapist Online Edition. Can’t find your copy of the issue of The Therapist from a couple of years ago with that great article you loved? Fear not — CAMFT’s excellent bimonthly magazine is available online,with archived issues going back to 2011!  In addition to in-depth feature articles, regular sections include BBS Board updates, legislative updates, book reviews and more.

APA Event Calendar. Check this page often for the latest APA trainings and conferences. You can also find detailed information and deadlines for a wide range of scholarships, grants, and awards, as well as deadlines for proposal, poster, and manuscript submissions.

Careers in Psychology. MFT? LPCC? Psychologist? Neuropsychologist? Forensic Psychologist? So many potential career paths — it can all get pretty confusing sometimes! This page gives a basic overview of a huge range of career choices and interviews with dozens of practicing clinicians in every field of psychology imaginable.

Out of State MFT License Requirements. Considering relocating out of California? Figuring out how to get licensed in another state can be a complicated and confusing process. This site is an easy starting point, with a map that you can click through to get the licensure requirements for all 50 states.


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