2016 AAMFT-CA 6th Annual Division Conference Call for Presentation Proposals

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San Francisco State University
February 26 & 27, 2016

Dimensions of Cultural Diversity in Couples and Families:
Race, Gender, and Social Justice

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Submission deadline November 22, 2015. Abstracts must be submitted via e-mail by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time to drdana.stone@yahoo.com
  • Abstracts will be anonymously reviewed and scored based on their fit with the conference theme, overall quality, and presenter qualifications.
  • Bonus points will be given to presentations led by current students and recent graduates/new professionals (you may include faculty/clinical co-presenters).
  • Individuals may not be listed on more than two abstract submissions.
  • No more than 6 presenters per submission (workshop or poster).
  • Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed, nor will notifications be provided.
  • The lead presenter will be notified of acceptance/rejection and is responsible for notifying other presenters.
  • You do not need to be an AAMFT member to submit an abstract.
  • All workshop co-presenters are expected to pay for and be in attendance at the conference on the day of your workshop or poster presentation; poster presentations may be given by one co-author attending the conference.
  • Workshops and posters previously presented at other conferences may also be submitted for consideration here. In such cases, please provide a statement explaining how your current submission is the same or different than previous presentations made on the same or similar topic.
  • Presentations that include any form of commercial solicitation will not be accepted.

Definitions of presentation formats

Interactive Workshop: A 50-minute long session that should involve audience participation in some way. The presenters may show a video of their work and have a discussion with the audience (strongly encouraged), put together a panel of professionals who discuss a specific topic, or have a conversation hour that focuses on a particular topic with an experiential component. Abstracts for each of these types of interactive sessions should specify a clear topic, the type of interactive session, and one person who will be facilitating or organizing the panel or session. A one-page handout should be provided at your presentation.

Poster Session: A visual presentation (4′x 4′ poster) of research, treatment, advocacy, or other MFT issues. The AAMFT-CA Division Conference encourages poster submissions for the purpose of disseminating and sharing of research findings, new ideas, innovations, and advances in the profession with as many individuals as possible. Poster sessions allow presenters and attendees to engage in discussions about the author’s presentation that is in illustrated format on a poster board. Presenters are asked to be at their assigned poster board during the entire length of the poster session. A one-page handout should be provided during the poster session.

Proposal Formatting Instructions

Please complete the following information and e-mail it as a Word document to: drdana.stone@yahoo.com

Provide all information as you would want it to appear in the conference program.

Page 1: Cover Sheet to Include All of the Following
Title: Should convey the scope of the presentation
Presentation Type (Circle one) a) 50-minute interactive workshop or b) Poster
Presenter(s) 1-6 – Name, Agency or Practice Affiliation, and/or School

Page 2: To Include Each of the Following
Presentation Type (Indicate one) a) 50-minute interactive workshop or b) Poster
Brief summary:

  • 250-words or less summary of the proposed workshop or poster. Be as specific as possible about the content of your presentation and what the participants will learn.
  • Discuss as specifically as possible the usefulness of your content for the clinician, the community agency, community member, student, and/or educator.
  • Research abstracts should include a statement of the research, results, and implications.
  • Research Poster proposals must mention methodology, sample size, and findings, and must report completed data collection.

Learning objectives:
List at least three (3) specific learning objectives for your workshop or poster. Objectives should be phrased as “Participants will…”

Presenter background (all proposals):
Without providing identifying information, describe the qualifications of the presenters, including prior experience with conference presentations.

Has this presentation been submitted or presented to other conferences?
Yes or No
If “yes,” please explain.

Abstracts will be reviewed and scored anonymously. The conference committee will make all final decisions on the conference program, and will review evaluations, program balance, conference theme, and any other factors they deem relevant in selecting workshops and posters for the conference program. All presenters accepted to for the conference program will be notified by January 5, 2016.

Disclaimer: AAMFT, AAMFT-CA, are not responsible for lost, late, misdirected, or erroneously submitted proposals, and are similarly not responsible for any data processing errors.

For more information about the conference and registration, visit: aamftca.org

Any questions regarding abstracts or submission may be directed to
Dana Stone, Ph.D.
AAMFT-CA Division Conference Committee member drdana.stone@yahoo.com


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