The Mind-Body-Soul Connection By: Seima Diaz, Ed.D, LMFT

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As the idea of holistic healing becomes more popular and socially embraced within the United States, many people are left with questions regarding the mind-body-soul connection. Exactly what is it? Where is it? What are its benefits? Current research has found a correlation between the integration of spiritual interventions such as mindfulness and forgiveness and positive therapy outcomes with reduced chance of relapse (Bonelli & Koenig, 2013). We have an extraordinary opportunity as therapists to really help people heal through the maintenance of a solid mind-body-soul connection.

Being a firm believer in the idea that, we as therapists cannot influence others past the degree in which we ourselves have evolved, it is imperative that clinicians first explore their own mind-body-soul connection before implementing spiritually oriented interventions in their work with clients.  The exciting news is that this connection already exists inside each of us; we are born with this connection intact (Miller, 2013).

Most of us are aware of the body that we live in. When it gets sick, we really become conscious of it. Most of us are also aware of the mind- that “thing” in your brain that projects an endless stream of thoughts throughout your day (Chaudhary, 2013).  You may have even noticed that when you are stressed out, you are more vulnerable to catching a cold (2013). The soul is the intangible part of the mind-body-soul system that connects us to something bigger than what we just see in front of us. The soul is consciousness, who you are in essences beyond form. As Deepak Chopra (2012) describes it, “The soul is the core of your being. It is eternal. It doesn’t exist in space/time. It’s a field of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity. It’s your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.”

It has been my experience that as we mature and evolve spiritually so does our thinking, decision making, and behaviors. This is because the soul resides at the core of the mind-body-soul system. Being conscious of this ever-present connection allows you to use it to your healing and transformational benefit, becoming grounded in your authentic self by embracing your truths and life purpose. Below I am going to discuss how silence can be used as a tool to tap into and deepen your own mind-body-soul connection.

It is through the act of silence that we can shift frequencies and tune into our mind, body, and soul, both separately and collectively. When we shut off all stimulation and distractions and simply sit in silence we allow the space for our soul to speak up and be heard. This is where the greatest insights and “aha” moments occur. Within the silence your soul will answer your deepest prayers and guide you in the direction of your best interest. The more you listen to this inner guidance, the stronger its influence will become in your life.

Through silence we are able to tune into our mind and redirect our thoughts into the present moment. Silence allows the opportunity to become mindful of your thinking patterns so that you can reprogram your mind to work in ways which serve your highest good. When we are overly stimulated and distracted, our minds tend to fire off irrational and unproductive thoughts, causing us to manifest by default. We wonder why we keep attracting more of what we don’t want into our life. Silence helps you to calmly choose good feeling thoughts that serve you, so you can raise your vibrational frequency.

Silence also allows you to become grounded in your body. Within the silence your body will speak to you, letting you know where emotional pain is being held and toxins are needing to be released. Unbalanced energy centers within the body needing healing cannot reveal themselves amongst turbulent conditions. Our bodies can truly be heard, rest and rejuvenate within the calm that is silence.

Goldstein’s (2007) study found that cultivating sacred moments in one’s daily life can have significant effects on an individual’s overall well-being. Silence is more and more being looked at and considered as a new intervention into the field of clinical psychology. You can access the full study to learn more by following the link below.

Another article you might enjoy written by Carolyn Gregoire (2016) on why silence is good for your brain can be accessed by following the link below. Gregoire offers four science-backed reasons why in a loud and distracting world, finding pockets of stillness can benefit your brain and body (2016).

Silence is to our mind-body-soul connection as the sun is needed for plants to grow. It is my hope that you will find clarity, self-awareness, and healing within each silent moment that you gift yourself. Our divine energy is released when we are connected with ourselves, mind, body, and soul.


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