Private Practice Visit – Ann Goldman December 8, 2018

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We had a great response from students showing interest in the Private Practice Visit  hosted by Ann Goldman, LMFT and Pepperdine alumna, located in her office in Orange.

We were permitted to have 10 students total, we ended up having 21 students respond with interest, 11 students on the wait-list, and all 10 confirmed students in attendance showed up! Ann came fully prepared with topics to go over and even made cookies!

Students sat in her office in chairs and on couches and had a great dialogue with her as she went through her topics for the full hour and a half. Students remained engaged for the duration of the time. Students came prepared with questions in regards to having clients that have Borderline Personality Disorder, supervision, and how to manage clients that are suicidal and not cross boundaries.

Ann was very open and shared she was previously a supervisor and really enjoyed having students back in her office! Students reported that holding a private practice visit on a weekend day versus a weekday was much better for them as many of them work during the week and attend classes.


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