Private Practice Visit with Melanie Coughlin

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Students were eager to attend the Private Practice Visit  hosted by Melanie Coughlin, LMFT and Pepperdine alumna, located in her office in Laguna Hills.

Eight students sat in her office in chairs and on couches and enjoyed wonderful conversation about what it is like to own and run a private practice. Students arrived with questions they had thought of prior to their arrival, and the topics spanned areas such as maintaining professional boundaries, accepting insurance vs. not accepting insurance, the benefits of using sand tray therapy, and more. Melanie was transparent with the students and didn’t shy away from answering; she made students feel welcomed and comfortable and even had cookies and beverages out for students! Melanie’s dog, Sophie was present as well which was a nice treat for many of the students.

We have continuously received positive feedback regarding how insightful private practice visits have been for our students, we look forward to future private practice visits with clinicians in our community!


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