Doctoral Roundtable November 12, 2019

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Doctoral Roundtable

November 12, 2019

Speakers: Dr. Kim Cox, Dr. Shannon Wilson, Dr. Kristen Miller-Burton

In a packed room at the Irvine Graduate Campus, the doctoral roundtable began with students ready with their questions for the panel. Questions that were asked included: 

  1. “How important is having research experience prior to getting your PhD?”
  2. “What are the options for continuing with the Masters/MFT track and then wanting to get your PsyD?”
  3. How did you afford your doctorates? 
  4. If you could go back, would you still get your doctorate degrees?

Dr. Kim Cox’s experience is along the PhD track, she pursued her MAP degree here at Pepperdine University and realized along the way that she was interested in remaining in academia, got her PhD and has been working as a researcher/professor ever since. She is a full-time faculty member at another university and has published two textbooks, one published this year! She notes that your doctorate program will be harder than a Master’s as it is focused around independent-study rather than guided assignments. You have to be very self-motivated to stay on track, in regards to the dissertation,“if you’ve only written chapter one in a year, no one’s going to be telling you to hurry up”.Dr. Shannon Wilson also began her journey on the MAP track at Pepperdine University and then continued onto the PsyD program. For her, she knew she wanted to do assessments so the PsyD program was more suited to her interests and future career path. Her comment is to make sure students are aware of the time and money commitment that goes into your doctorate programs. Dr. Kristen Miller-Burton received her MACLP/MFT degree from Pepperdine University. She then began counseling within the school system and after continuing her career, is now pursuing her PhD. The professors helped ease the anxious minds of the students who are trying to sort out the rest of their academic journeys. In regards to funding, they discussed other options including grants and scholarships. One of the biggest emphasis points was to do your research in choosing a school, finding a format that fits your schedule as well as financially and geographically.

Please click the link provided to view the actual footage of the panel discussion:

Doctoral Roundtable November 12, 2019:

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