Doctoral Roundtable – March 12, 2020

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On March 12th, six students attended the Doctoral Roundtable with Dr. Ashleigh Louis and Dr. Jerrian Peters. The students were very happy to have a more intimate setting as they were able to dialogue back and forth with Dr. Ashleigh Louis and Dr. Jerriann Peters. The following is a list of questions students came prepared with: 

  1. What is the main difference between a Ph.D. and a Psy.D.?
  2. How many years were you a licensed MFT before you pursued your doctorate?
  3. How did you keep up with your social life?
  4. What is the shift like being a master’s student compared to a doctoral student?
  5. What does it mean for a program to be APA accredited?
  6. Is it worth it to get your 3000 hours as an MFT if you are planning on pursuing a doctorate?
  7. Would I be more limited if I was only licensed as an MFT?
  8. How do you make yourself competitive to get into a doctoral program?
  9. Do you have any tips on financial aid or financial help?
  10. Is the doctoral program full time?


Both speakers are current professors in the Pepperdine Irvine graduate program; the following paragraphs are brief summaries of their journey through mental health.

Dr. Ashleigh Louis’ experience is along the Ph.D. track.  She pursued her masters at Chapman University and her Ph.D. at Capella.  She has been licensed as an LMFT since 2012.  She did a vast majority of her hours in the schools; she worked at elementary schools, high schools, and community colleges. Teaching was her primary goal while she was in her Ph.D. program.  After all those years with kids, she realized that her true passion was working with individual adults with anxiety and ADHD.  So two years in, she decided to work towards licensure, she just finished her second 3000 hours to be licensed as a Psychologist.  She did those hours exclusively in private practice.  

Dr. Jerriann Peters’ experience is with the Psy.D. track.  She received her masters and Psy.D. from Alliant University and finished in 2013.  She has a private practice in Orange, she also works at the Village of Hope as a therapist where she also runs a women’s support group.   She supervises at Anchor Tides Recovery, she has also supervised at Loma Linda and the Pepperdine clinic.  She completed her 3000 MFT hours at the Pepperdine clinic and finished in 2009.  She identifies as a narrative therapist.  She has been teaching at Pepperdine since 2014.  


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