The M.A. Psychology Professional Development and Clinical Training Department at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology produces enriching and informative events for students on both of our master’s level psychology degree tracks. On this site, you will find regularly updated information about our events, faculty, practicum training sites, and lots of other ways for you to get involved with your new field outside of class!

If you are new to what we do, check out these brief descriptions of our most popular regular events:

Open House

Start the new semester with gift cards and prizes from local businesses as well as information from various GSEP departments.

Clinical Connections

Clinical Connections is a monthly series of free workshops featuring speakers from Pepperdine and throughout the southern California psychology community at which students can discuss clinical issues that fall outside the domain of the academic curriculum, but that are commonly seen in practice.

Private Practice and Agency Visits

Don’t miss the inspiring opportunity to visit a mental health agency or the successful private practice of a Pepperdine professor or alum! This is an opportunity to explore the office of a practitioner and ask questions about various aspects of running a private practice.

Coffee Talk

Come chat with your Clinical Training Coordinator about anything on your mind regarding MFT issues and psychology professional opportunities. Free Refreshments!

New MACLP Student Meeting

Calling all newly enrolled MACLP students! Come to this informative meeting and learn how to begin your MFT program on the right foot.

Practicum Site Presentation

The office of MA Clinical Training hosts a PowerPoint Presentation on the various sites that offer MFT trainee opportunities. Come learn important information about Pepperdine sponsored sites.

Preparing For Practicum Meeting

Once you have completed/enrolled in all of the prerequisites for Clinical Practicum, you need to attend the Practicum Information Meeting, in the term prior to Clinical Practicum. You will receive information on agency openings, required paperwork and other Practicum-related requirements.

Intern Registration Meeting

This meeting is for individuals who are on the MFT track and are in their LAST term. The Intern Registration Meeting will provide you with information regarding how to close out your MFT trainee hours, how to register as an intern and leads for important job opportunities.


Every week, we will send out an update with the week’s posts on this site. Sign up at psyprofdev@pepperdine.edu.


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