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MFT Practicum Agencies Pack the 2015 Career and Practicum Fair

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by Katie Copeland
This year’s Spring Career Fair at the West LA campus had a great turnout in the MFT Trainee / Practicum room (210). Thirteen highly esteemed MFT Practicum Training Agencies eagerly came to meet Pepperdine students and discuss their volunteer and training opportunities. These training sites included:
  • Airport Marina
  • Center for Individual and Family Counseling
  • Counseling Partners of Los Angeles
  • Crenshaw Christian ~ Betty Price Counseling Center
  • Didi Hirsch
  • Los Angeles City College
  • Mychal’s Learning Place
  • OPICA Adult Day Care
  • Outreach Concern
  • PUC Schools
  • Richstone Family Center
  • San Fernando Valley Homebound Program
  • Southern California Counseling Center
There was also a great turnout on behalf of Pepperdine psychology students, many of whom even made sure to stop by during their break if they had class that night. Students seems to be especially interested in the opportunity to network and learn about training sites this year, resulting in a constant inflow of students and a filled room of students making connections with the representatives.
The MFT Clinical Training department was thrilled to hear the positive and enthusiastic feedback from many of these practicum sites during and after the fair, including “it was great, there were so many students so passionate about what they want to do,” among many other similar insights.
So, with a great showing of both Pepperdine students and MFT Practicum Training Agencies the Clinical Training Department is happy to call this year’s career fair a major success.

Searching for an Internship at the 2015 Career and Practicum Fair

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by An Anonymous Attendee


I always look forward to Pepperdine University’s Career Fair at the West Los Angeles campus because it brings hope and provides possible rewards to all of the hard work that goes into the planning, set up and participation of the events. This year was also wonderful. I attended a couple of workshops that gave insight to finding ways to collaborate one’s hobbies, passions and skills into the field of psychology. At this stage in my education I have finished practicum and search for possible internships and jobs, therefore, I explored the Career Fair room in 203. There were a few sites looking to hire interns from the MFT and PsyD programs as well as plenty of volunteer opportunities at most of the sites. I had wonderful conversations with representatives from SFV CAMFT, The Help Center, Otis College, as well as many others and have been contacted by a few of the sites looking for employees, trainees and interns. There were not a lot of sites that advertised paid internships and only one private practice that offered low pay. This year’s Career Fair was also very small in comparison to the past couple of years.

Laura’s House Domestic Violence Advocate Training: Resource Review

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Laura’s House carries out 40 hour domestic violence advocate trainings, spread out over five days on Fridays and Saturdays, three times per year. The 2014 trainings took place in March, June, and October, and the 2015 training schedule will be announced soon. Check out the Laura’s House website for more information on the trainings. Here’s a quick note from one of our students on her experience with the training!

by Amanda Demler

I am overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge I gained from this training. This process exposed me to not only the different types of domestic violence, but how I can apply this information towards my career as a therapist. My perception of abuse has drastically changed after the training. I truly enjoyed the diverse group of speakers who gave their time to provide their perspective on the subject, including female sheriff deputies, a college professor, and advocates who devote their lives to spreading awareness. I am grateful towards Marissa for leading this training for 10 years as well as the courageous women who shared their survivor stories. This was more than a training, it was a life-altering experience I will carry with me.