Encino Graduate Campus — M.A. Psychology Fall 2014 Recap

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Encino Graduate Campus had some great professional development events in the Fall semester, 2014.  First, students had a blast at the GSEP Open House, hosted by Vanessa Jahn and her wonderful GA’s.  There were various vendors and restaurants who brought samples and treats for students to try, and many of the GSEP departments had information tables, such as Career Services, Professional Development, Alumni Relations, and Psy Chi, to name a few.

In October we enjoyed a knowledgeable, experienced speaker, Helena Cerny, Ph.D. as she educated students about “Identifying and Treating Traumatized Children”  Dr. Cerny identified the different kinds of trauma, the symptoms of trauma, and some useful treatment strategies to help therapists work with traumatized children.  The students were engaged and curious about this topic, and Dr. Cerny was helpful in explaining concepts and answering questions, as well as using several case examples.

In November, Barbara Calvi, LMFT, spoke to students about “Mastering the Secrets to a More Successful Private Practice.”  Barbara has over 20 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, focusing on couples and relationships.  She spoke about how to create a marketing message to attract clients, ways for therapists to build their practice while keeping their authenticity and integrity. The students appreciated how Barbara taught them to identify self-defeating beliefs and gain awareness of their own limitations.

Alice Richardson met with students in October at the West LA Campus for a “Coffee Talk: Benefits of Pursuing the LPCC.”  Many students are not aware of the differences between the LMFT and the LPCC, and are confused about which direction to pursue licensure.  This presentation helped clear up some questions and confusion about the two licenses and the benefits of pursuing one or the other or both.  Alice also had two similar LPCC Coffee Talk Meetings in October at the Encino Graduate Campus.