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Recap of This Year So Far — See You At Our Fall Events!

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by Kathleen Wenger, M.A., LMFT, LPCC, Manager M.A. Psychology Professional Development and Clinical Training

Summer is relatively slow in the M.A. Psychology Department of Professional Development and Clinical Training as we plan for an exciting series of fall events. So I wanted to take this opportunity to fill you in about some of the enriching events for students in the MAP and MACLP tracks that we’ve had so far this year and encourage you to attend the events that we host this fall! In addition to these events, there are several resources that help guide you through the practicum experience. You can make an appointment for a Quick Meet to receive a personalized explanation of the events and services offered by the department and to have any questions about practicum answered. If you want more information about an agency, you can stop by the GA’s office to read through students’ practicum site reviews (strengths and challenges). We also encourage you to use the Mentor Program, which puts you in contact with a student who has experience at a site you are interested in.

Irvine Graduate Campus

As we do each semester, we welcomed new students to the Irvine Graduate Campus with Quick Meets, our series of one-on-one meetings with new students. These personalized explanations of our departments’ events and services, as well as an overview of practicum basics for MFT students and other subjects of concern for individuals new to the program help our new students to dive right into their program prepared for success.

In February we hosted a Clinical Connections event with George Nalbach, Ph.D. and Connie Saindon, author of The Murder Survivor’s Handbook. Dr. Nalbach introduced a couple whose son was tragically murdered several years ago to share their experience with the grief and loss process. Connie provided clinical strategies for working with clients who have experienced similar tragedies. Attendees felt honored to hear the couple’s story and to receive valuable tips for working with clients who have experienced the violent loss of loved ones. One individual summed up the evening’s event by stating that “While the content and discussion was heavy, saddening, and emotional, I felt most impacted and moved by the display of human resiliency and growth. It was inspiring to hear this couple’s journey through their grief and loss, what they have learned about the process, and what they have learned about themselves.”

In February we also hosted the annual GSEP Career and Practicum Fair: Career Connections. This event gave our current students and alumni an opportunity to meet with potential practicum and internship employers. We had an outstanding turnout in terms of attendees as well as agencies – approximately 50-60 students and alums met with fifteen of the top mental health agencies in Orange County! We followed this event with the annual Practicum Mentor Fair in March. At the Mentor Fair, students ready to begin practicum had an opportunity to hear about the experiences current practicum students have had at their agencies.

Our popular Private Practice and Agency Visit series continued with two events in Orange County in March. I hosted a visit at my practice in Laguna Beach and Chris Hoff, LMFT, hosted one at his agency in Costa Mesa, the California Family Institute. One attendee at my event commented that he felt “put right at ease to ask many questions about the nuts and bolts of starting, managing, and maintaining a private practice such as this. We were also able to discuss other business aspects such as marketing tools, networking, and even google analytics to ensure that we will have enough clients to keep our businesses afloat, yet not so many that we ourselves start to drown and lose our effectiveness.”

As we do every semester, we held a New Student Meeting, the Practicum Tips Meeting, and the Intern Registration Meeting to help MACLP students along their practicum journey. Students have responded to this semester’s series of meetings by telling us things like “it is so great that the program goes the extra mile for us like this” compared to other similar programs! It’s a great vote of confidence to know the impact that we’re having on our current students.

The MFT Consortium of Orange County continues to be held at the Irvine Graduate Campus on the third Wednesday of every other month. The next scheduled meetings are scheduled for September 16 and November 18. For the past 20 years, I have been the host and co-chair of the MFT Consortium. This is a collaborative setting that brings together mental health agencies and universities with MFT graduate programs in an effort to foster community partnerships. The meetings serve as a networking opportunity for agencies to be connected with key personnel to discuss MFT employment and practicum training opportunities, programming and clinical training concerns.

West Los Angeles Graduate Campus

West LA started its spring semester with a Clinical Connections topic that we all need to visit often. Alumna Juanita Frassini Goode, MA, presented, “Self-Love Your Way through Life: The Clinical Value of Practicing Self-Love for Yourself and Clients.” Juanita’s workshop was very fun and interactive. Attendees engaged in a variety of self-love activities with the multitude of art supplies that Juanita provided. Juanita shared her unique approach to practicing with clients, which included her approach from her license in spiritual psychology.  Participants left feeling excited to try out some of these new ideas and approaches with clients.

Following Juanita’s workshop on self-love, premarital counseling guru, Debbi Molnar, MA, LMFT, LPCC, spoke about, “Premarital Counseling versus Couples Therapy: Understanding the Difference and Making it Work in Your Practice.” With a beautiful manual that Debbi put together, she very clearly explained the differences between the two. Debbi shared with the audience how her sessions with couples therapy look, versus how her sessions with premarital counseling look.  She also spoke about the programs for couples that she has put together, which she often holds as weekend workshops. Debbi’s impressive experience and background was very apparent and attendees walked away with an organized and clear-cut way to practice premarital counseling versus couples therapy.

Jody Echegaray, Psy.D, presented the last of the Clinical Connections workshops. Jody’s workshop, entitled “Mass Media—Its Effects, Motivations for Use, and Media-based Clinical Interventions” proved to be a very important topic amongst clinicians. Jody gave a quick historical timeline on the development of media and how it has come to play a part in the practice of psychotherapy. Jody also provided great examples of interventions he has used with his own clients. The workshop addressed some very poignant issues that media can both harm and help in the practice of psychotherapy. Participants were very impressed by the amount of information and were very intrigued by the topic.

West LA’s other professional development events included a Coffee Talk by Alice Richardson, MA, LMFT, LPCC and a Private Practice Visit to alum Curt Widhalm’s practice. For the Coffee Talk, Alice answered questions about pursuing the LPCC. While the development of the license in California is still new, many students and alums struggle with knowing much about it. Alice, who has pursued the license, shared her impressive knowledge about the license and its benefits. Students who attended felt grateful for the clarifications.  Later in March, students and alums visited Curt’s practice to learn about the development and running of a private practice. The room was full as Curt spoke about his process to private practice and laying it out straight for how it goes. Attendees felt very informed and lucky to have attended this private practice field trip.

Encino Graduate Campus

This spring, the Encino Graduate Campus was pleased to have Kent Toussaint, LMFT, LPCC, speak at a Clinical Connections about “The 1-2-3’s for Treating Resistant Teens.” Kent gave attendees a better understanding of how to build rapport, earn trust, and create alliances with teens.  He also spoke about the developmental needs of teens, and how unconditional positive regard helps with this age group.  At the end of Kent’s presentation, the attendees had a hands-on demonstration of the games and toys Kent uses for ice-breakers and rapport building.

In March, Dr. Dennis Lowe graciously gave a 3-hour presentation about “What’s New in the DSM-5” for Pepperdine Alumni who are studying for the licensing exam.  This presentation was held on a Saturday afternoon, and was well received by all attendees.  Many alumni attended and seemed engaged and interested in this presentation, and some alumni even sent emails and notes of appreciation.

March is National Gambling Awareness Month, and the Encino Graduate Campus was fortunate to have an Alumna who specializes in Gambling Addiction. Audrey Johnson, PsyD, LMFT, spoke about the differences between recreational gambling and gambling addictions.  Between 3% and 6% of the general population is impacted by some degree of problem gambling.  Audrey spoke about helpful tools, assessment inventories and treatment plans she uses with her problem gambling clients.

Also in March, Sheila Sayani and Alice Richardson organized a Practicum Mentor Fair “Mixer” where seasoned students who are near graduating spoke with students taking the Pre-Practicum class.  The students enjoyed this event immensely and we plan to continue doing these mixers in future semesters.

Alice Richardson, Clinical Training & Professional Development Coordinator, spoke about the LPCC License at “Coffee Talks” at both Encino and WLA Campuses.  Encino also presented New Student Meetings, Tips for Practicum Meetings and an Intern Registration Meeting, which all three campuses present every semester to keep students as informed as we can.


Meet Your Clinical Training Coordinators!

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Have questions about the clinical training process, wonder about a site, trying to figure out how to fill out those BBS forms, or just want a kind ear to listen? Get to know the Clinical Training Coordinator at your campus!

Irvine: Kathleen Wenger, M.A., LMFT, LPCC, Manager of M.A. Psychology Professional Development and Clinical Training

Kays Professional Photo

Kathleen Wenger has been with Pepperdine since 1989 and is the Manager of M.A Clinical Training and Professional Development for the Pepperdine University MA Psychology Program. In 1994 Kathleen became the founding chair of MFT Consortium of Orange County, and still serves as co-chair. The consortium represents mental health clinical training agencies and university psychology programs in order to discuss programming and training issues.

West Los Angeles: Rebecca Reed, M.A., West LA Clinical Training and Professional Development Coordinator

rebecca reed

Rebecca Reed has been the MA Psychology Clinical Training and Professional Development Coordinator at the West Los Angeles Graduate campus for over 25 years and is a Pepperdine Alumna. She has developed relationships with LMFT/LPCC Practicum sites and also devotedly assists students in successfully securing Traineeship positions.  Rebecca is also a founding member of the Southern California Consortium of MFT Educators, and coordinates and cohosts professional psychology events.

Encino: Alice Richardson, M.A., LMFT, LPCC, Encino Clinical Training and Professional Development Coordinator

alice richardson

Alice Richardson graduated from Pepperdine GSEP in May 2005. She became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2008. She started working as the Clinical Training and Professional Development Coordinator at the Encino Graduate Campus, and loves helping students achieve their goals. Alice has been supervising interns in private practice and non-profit agencies since 2010.

Don’t Forget — Irvine Campus Career & Practicum Fair This Thursday!

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Traineeships! Internships! Volunteer positions!

Start now – find the right practicum site, internship, or volunteer position for you! Stop by the Career & Practicum Fair to talk to site directors, supervisors, and current trainees/interns about practicum and career opportunities in Orange County.

We’ll see you on the 2nd floor of Pepperdine’s Irvine Graduate Campus from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 5.

For more information, contact: maclpga (at) or 949-223-2560

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Encino Graduate Campus — M.A. Psychology Fall 2014 Recap

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Encino Graduate Campus had some great professional development events in the Fall semester, 2014.  First, students had a blast at the GSEP Open House, hosted by Vanessa Jahn and her wonderful GA’s.  There were various vendors and restaurants who brought samples and treats for students to try, and many of the GSEP departments had information tables, such as Career Services, Professional Development, Alumni Relations, and Psy Chi, to name a few.

In October we enjoyed a knowledgeable, experienced speaker, Helena Cerny, Ph.D. as she educated students about “Identifying and Treating Traumatized Children”  Dr. Cerny identified the different kinds of trauma, the symptoms of trauma, and some useful treatment strategies to help therapists work with traumatized children.  The students were engaged and curious about this topic, and Dr. Cerny was helpful in explaining concepts and answering questions, as well as using several case examples.

In November, Barbara Calvi, LMFT, spoke to students about “Mastering the Secrets to a More Successful Private Practice.”  Barbara has over 20 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, focusing on couples and relationships.  She spoke about how to create a marketing message to attract clients, ways for therapists to build their practice while keeping their authenticity and integrity. The students appreciated how Barbara taught them to identify self-defeating beliefs and gain awareness of their own limitations.

Alice Richardson met with students in October at the West LA Campus for a “Coffee Talk: Benefits of Pursuing the LPCC.”  Many students are not aware of the differences between the LMFT and the LPCC, and are confused about which direction to pursue licensure.  This presentation helped clear up some questions and confusion about the two licenses and the benefits of pursuing one or the other or both.  Alice also had two similar LPCC Coffee Talk Meetings in October at the Encino Graduate Campus.

West LA Graduate Campus — M.A. Psychology Fall 2014 Recap

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The West LA Clinical Connections series this fall included three very passionate women who spoke on three varying and captivating topics. Lesli Johnson, MA, LMFT, started off the fall series in October with her presentation on “Making Sense of Adoption: New Directions for Understanding Adoption in the Clinical Setting.” Her workshop was interactive and included personal stories from Lesli herself, and many of the attendees. The informative workshop was also heartfelt and unique in that many shared of their adoption stories. The audience was very pleased with this format and the warmth and candidness of the presenter. Attendees walked away more confident in their approach with working with adopted clients, as well as families who have chosen to adopt.

Later in October, our wonderful Clinical Training Coordinator at Encino, Alice Richardson, MA, LMFT, LPCC, joined West LA students and alums for a casual, yet highly informative Coffee Talk, “Benefits of Pursuing the LPCC.” Alice put many myths of the LPCC to rest and informed attendees of the benefits of obtaining the license. Students were so grateful for Alice’s willingness to share her experience and knowledge about the LPCC.

In November, Diann Wingert, LCSW, BCD, presented on an “Introduction to Energy Psychology/Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).” During this neat workshop, Diann taught a few practical and basic techniques that clinicians can use with their clients. She had a beautiful PowerPoint depicting the history and usefulness of Energy Psychology. Diann emphasized the importance of being open to incorporating different techniques alongside psychotherapy, as talk therapy may not always be enough for a client. Attendees had an educational and enjoyable time practicing the techniques on themselves and feeling the impact of EFT. People left excited to try their newly learned techniques on clients who would possibly benefit.

Also in November, students made a visit to alumna Jenny Bowen, MA, LMFT’s private practice in Los Angeles. Jenny’s warm personality and openness about private practice allowed students to ask many important questions involving getting started with private practice. Attendees left feeling motivated and considering the option of one day pursuing their own private practice.

Last, but certainly not least, Pepperdine alumna Bobbi Jankovich, MA, LMFT, gave a stellar presentation on the sometimes taboo topic of sex addiction. However, her presentation had a special twist; Bobbi focused on the treatment of partners of sex addicts in this highly informational Clinical Connections entitled, “Partners of Sex Addicts: Treating the Invisible Client.” Attendees raved about Bobbi’s ability to convey this pertinent information. Her highly organized and easy to follow PowerPoint had relevant and very interesting information. The presentation went over “relational trauma” and how sex addiction can be understood from that lens. Attendees walked away from the presentation wishing it was longer!

We continue to hold four clinical training information meetings per semester at each campus: the New MACLP Student Meeting, the Preparing for Practicum Meeting, the Practicum Site Information Meeting, and the Intern Registration Meeting. Through these meetings, our Clinical Training Coordinators guide students through every step of the practicum process.

Irvine Graduate Campus — M.A. Psychology Fall 2014 Recap

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We kicked off the semester at the Irvine Graduate Campus with the latest installment of Quick Meets, our series of one-on-one meetings with new students. Pioneered at the Irvine campus, Quick Meets now takes place at West LA and Encino in addition to Irvine. By providing personalized explanations of our departments’ events and services, as well as an overview of practicum basics for MFT students and other subjects of concern for individuals new to the program, we help new students to dive right into their program with information about many of the tools that will be important to their success.

At the Irvine Graduate Campus, we started off the Fall semester with New MACLP Student Meetings and Practicum meetings. In October, we also had Dennis Lowe, Ph.D. present to students, alumni, and the public about the new DSM-5. Attendees praised the event with positive reviews, saying the presentation was interesting and informative. Dr. Lowe helped make the DSM-5 and its changes easy to understand. Kathleen Wenger also held a Coffee Talk to discuss the LPCC license, which was a helpful event for students to learn the differences between LMFT and LPCC.

In November, we held a Clinical Connections event with Dr. Edward Shafranske where he spoke on Attending to Mentalization in Psychotherapy.  Originally developed for the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, Dr. Shafranske focused on the treatment’s expansion to any clients whose self-reflective capacity has been compromised and interventions to re-engage clients in mentalization. As usual, Dr. Shafranske was able to take complicated material and make it accessible to all attendees, whether new graduate students or seasoned therapists. Dr. Shafranske spoke at the very first Clinical Connections back in 2003 and we are grateful for all of his support over the years!

The spring session promises to be as lively as the fall! On February 5, 2014, IGC will host the annual GSEP Career and Practicum Fair: Career Connections. This annual event provides current students and alumni to meet with a number of potential practicum and internships site employers. IGC will have approximately 15 mental health agencies for students to meet with, including some represented by Pepperdine alumni!

In February, IGC will host a Clinical Connections event with Dr. George Nalbach and honored guests focusing on treatment for people who have just lost a loved one through a violent death. Dr. Nalbach and IGC will welcome past clients who have experienced the loss of their son to share their therapy and support group experience, including what was helpful and not helpful in throughout their journey. The program will include a panel discussion as well as a question and answer segment.

The MFT Consortium of Orange County continues to be held at IGC on the third Wednesday of every other month. For the Fall semester, IGC held these meetings in September and November. The next scheduled meetings are scheduled for January 21st and March 18th. For the past 20 years, Kathleen Wenger continues to host and co-chair the MFT consortium in a collaborative setting for mental health agencies and universities with MFT graduate programs, in an effort to foster community partnerships. The meetings serve as a networking opportunity for agencies to be connected with key personnel to discuss MFT employment and practicum training opportunities, programming and clinical training concerns. BBS rules and regulations are also covered.

IGC is also scheduling Coffee Talks, as well as two more Clinical Connections events to be announced at the beginning of the Spring Semester. We will continue to provide our regularly scheduled Clinical Training Meetings at all three campuses (New Student, Preparing for Practicum and Intern Registration Meetings). The department is looking forward to the spring upcoming events!

Save the Date! Career Connections Practicum Fair February 5, 2015

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On Thursday, February 5th, Irvine Graduate Campus will host the annual Career Connections Practicum Fair from 5-7pm on the 2nd floor. Join us to meet the Clinical Directors & Supervisors from Orange County practicum sites, learn about clinical practicum, and explore options for sites in Orange County.

Every practicum site is different, and Career Connections gives you the opportunity to explore what site might fit you best, ask questions, and begin introducing yourself to supervisors that you may work with in the future!

Mark your calendars! More information to follow in January as the spring semester begins.

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